Dragon co-founded Kopane Diamonds plc. Kopane Diamonds successfully constructed the Liqhobong diamond mine in northern Lesotho which has produced in excess of 350,000 carats to date. In addition it delineated the Main Pipe kimberlite which has an in-situ value in excess of US$2.7bn. Kopane Diamonds was acquired by Firestone Diamonds in 2009

  • Developed the Liqhobong diamond mine in Lesotho
  • One of the highest diamond mines in the world (elevation of 2,600m)
  • Has an in situ value in excess of US$2.7bn
  • Produces significant quantities of large Type II (gem quality) diamonds
  • Significant employer in a underdeveloped region of Lesotho
  • Compliant with all local and international environmental regulations